That Awkward First Post…

So, I am not very good at introductions. I am usually more of an acquired taste, like coffee or bourbon, as most of my friends will tell you. I tend to come on a little strong (also like my preferred beverages). I also have a serious problem of never knowing what to say when I first meet someone. I usually just stick to the ‘Nice to meet you’ bit that everyone seems to cherish. But is it really? I mean is it really nice to meet someone? What if they are a complete jerk and you hate them right away, should you still say ‘Nice to meet you’?

Oops, sorry. I am probably coming on too strong now. Let’s start over again. I promise I’ll do better this time.

My name is Trapezium. Nice to meet you. Visit the What is a Trapezium page if you don’t know what a trapezium is yet. Or hire a math tutor. Everyone needs to know what a trapezium is, it is infinitely more useful than anything you will learn from watching TV.

A trapezium is someone who is a little different. Someone who has a few quirks, maybe a lot of them. A trapezium is someone who can be often misunderstood and often misrepresented. A trapezium also is someone who feels that they are usually misunderstood when they try to communicate to the other more traditional shapes. A trapezium is someone who has never quite fit in to any specific category before, but has tried many times. A trapezium is someone who has some fundamental differences that make them unique from all the other shapes in the world. Someone who can either hide those differences and try to blend in with the other quadrilaterals or embrace their differences and accept the fact that they are different and that it is okay to be different. In fact, it is great to be different.

The world needs trapeziums. The world needs trapeziums so much more than it needs  squares. Squares are dull – we get it you have four sides that are equal and four right angles. But trapeziums – they have no set rules, no definitions. Trapeziums can show up anywhere and look like anything (with four sides of course). Trapeziums are beautiful and have so many unique things to share with the world.

This blog will be a place where I share my journey, (mis)adventures, and struggles with like as a trapezium. I have spent so many years hiding my differences in shame, and I am done with that. I have spent years hating myself for differences and made myself sick countless times trying to live like a square. I want to share my strangeness with the world, and I hope that someone can benefit from it, learn from it, or at least maybe have a chuckle.

PS – I am using trapezium as a metaphor here. I felt like I made that pretty obvious, but I wanted to make sure you knew. I miss a lot of subtle things like that every day, and I appreciate it when someone tells me so that I don’t miss the bigger meaning. So, there’s your clue. I am definitely NOT talking about shapes here, I am talking about mental and learning differences.

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